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Being upfront and clear about pricing and services is important! View my New Year 2020 pricing for the 3 website packages currently being offered.


Free Trial










Domain Name

and 1 year of Hosting

5 Page Website

Including Initial SEO

1 Contact Form

Google Analytics and 

Google Business Page

15 Graphics - 1 Image Gallery 

2 Months of Analytics Reporting

1 Month Free Support





All The Features Of Starter Digital  Plus:

5 Additional Web Pages
(10 pages total)

2 Contact Forms

20 Graphics - 1 Image Gallery 

Social Media Integration
2 Platforms


4 Months of Analytics Reporting

2 Months Free Support





All The Features Of

Medium Digital 2 Plus:

10 Additional Web Pages
(20 pages total)

3 Contact Forms

25 Graphics - 2 Image Galleries

1 Hour of SEO for 3 Months

6 Months of Analytics Reporting

3 Months Free Support




Social Media Posting

Content Creation (new pages, blogs, social media posts)

Graphics Creation

Corporate Literature 

SEO Review and Update

Plugin Install, Setup and Customization

Media Gallery Creation, Video Embeds

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Common Website and Digital Questions

Yes!  Gone are the days of browsing the web only from a desktop computer.  With the rise in the use of mobile and tablet devices, a website must offer a clear and optimized browsing experience on all devices.  Your website must be designed to be responsive across all devices and platforms.

SEO will help your website (and thus your business) organically rise in the rankings of the search engine results pages (SERPs) without the need for paid placement advertising.  By using best practice strategies such as creating relevant content and keyword/keyword phrase targeting,  your website will deliver quality results to the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing for example). The search engines index and present web pages to the searcher. An optimized website will deliver organic, quality results to people who are searching for your type of business and/or product. SEO is done for both those searching and for the search engines that index and present search results.

Keyword research helps to determine what people are searching for, how they are searching for it and helps us know the best format to present the information they want.  Understanding your audience and using keywords to target your audience will not only help your audience find you, but will also help the search engines rank your site higher.

You absolutely need website hosting even if you have a domain name already. Website hosting is a service that provides a place where all of your website’s files and media are stored.  You may already have a domain name (for example, but you still need to have hosting.  Think of it this way; the domain name and URL is the road and the website hosting is the vehicle that holds all the files (passengers) for your websites.  When someone types in the domain,, the vehicle starts up and the files and media are delivered to the screen.

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